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I see a chariot. The charioteer is a woman of red hair and sapphire eyes, and lips of much allure. I test with {inv. hex. Cancer}, she glows.

What is my lesson here?
To have the vision of the Sun veiled in symbolism Lunar.

Why are you a woman?

Because I always was. No Man can carry the Grail as I do, for I am the 13th Knight.

So… Shiva in Shakti?

Yes. For the Triangle of the Yoni is always within the Solar disk. Even the Crest of the Order Puts the Triangle within the Wheel of the Zodiac.

Alright, what should I do therefore?

Identify thy Lust with surrender, and cross. There is no evil on the other side, and as much as you can struggle, I will have you slain in the end.

So you are Kali, or Chhinnamasta?

The latter. And you will find that hindu mysteries shall become more and more important to you in due time. For initiation cannot take place without something to strive for.
But the striving creates division. And in accepting that division, there is unity of Will. Attain to Samadhi therefore, and fall over my blade, that thine aspiration can be put out once and for all.

So what is the lesson here?

It is in the apprehension of the Woman within. The key to your Grade is “MuAuM”, And that is 81, and that is the sign of Death.


That is only to those above it. Receive the 81 in your pentacle, and let the lines that erode tell the story of your initiation.

Anything else? This is rather confusing.

No. Take a rest. Continue tomorrow. Take the Gems of my armor, and wear them proudly, for thou art receiving my blessing.


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