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A sword hanging vertically before me1), it is blue and green – there is a strong woman, masked, who holds it. This seems like {libra}, I test with {inv. hex. Gemini}.

She dissolves, and I see Atu VI2). The left woman on the pillar has now become a snake head, like a viper, baring her fangs at me, and the other is a tail and she says

I am Rahu.
and I am Ketu.

We will guide you through this veil.

And I test with {inv. hex. Gemini} again, and they take more pleasant forms, human, dressed in pink jumpsuits.

Where are we going?
You'll see, it'll be fun!

And we pass through some sort of portal, and I see a beautiful clearing in a forest, the Sun is shining brightly, and there is a temple of brilliant marble. Within there is but one throne, on which there seats a man in very light purple (pink?) robes, and a beard that shows age.

Greetings (R. and K. scatter)
Hello, young one. I see you have found your way here easy.

Indeed I have {inv. hex. Gemini - he absorbs it}. What do you have to teach me?

Nothing significant. Just of Oaths. This you probably already know, but every single oath is just a word. And thus every word is an oath. And so, since God speaks words, he essentially constantly oaths himself to keep on speaking, for it he does3), everything will disappear.

So basically, every oath (word) is alive within the understanding of it as a semi-autonomous sort of, program?

Yes. And that is why they work. For example, if you bind yourself to cross the Abyss, it is not you that consciously limits yourself in order to move that way, but rather, your oath becomes a “live” being which does that.

Alright, I understand. What else?


Tell me about Nubtiaida.

Ah, he is the One who Speaks.

Was he the red dragon in my vision yesterday?

Yes and no. He is all that is manifest, but the Red One is but a speck of him. To apprehend Nubti is Death.

What else can you teach me?

Marriage is an oath. The role of the witness is that of being a medium for the oaths action. It is not unheard of tat witnesses os oaths fall sick or broken when their oaths are broken.

Anything else?

Yes. I hereby consecrate you a priest and gateskeeper to our Holy Brotherhood.

I test him again. He absorbs.

Disbelieving, are we?

He extends his hand, and a brilliant white light fills my Anhatta.

What do you mean, priest? What brotherhood?
I'm just messing with you.
Or am I?

Speak the truth.

It is nothing but spiritual recognition of your powers.

What powers? And what sort of group are you even talking about?

Powers of Love and Reason. Both are strong in you, but they have only recently reached balance.
The Brotherhood is that of Independent Hermits. Pursue Religion, but make it your own. To profane ones own temple is the biggest mistake.

Whom do you worship?


I have the feeling that Nubti Iaida is much bigger than “Adonai”.

That is true, For your God is not mine. They're named different, but for each of us they are Ultimate, regardless of this.

Is there anything else?

Study philosophy. Plotinus especially.

Alright. I think we're done.



1) Originally “beforme”.
2) The Lovers, which is attributed to Gemini.
3) Presumably this was supposed to be “does not”.
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