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green, blue, sea, no, rifts of starry light, as if an infinite current of stars within an ocean of darkness 1). There are some sorts of lives. Fish? Serpents? they seem to feed on these stars 2). There is also a great red dragon, who is of the sea3), and has 7 heads and 10 crowns4) , but two tails, and his voice is as of thunder, but it is silent.

And I behold a silence so profound as I never have, and the words spoken by the Dragon are manifesting as objects which I behold. And his heads join into one, and he says “IHI OR”, and I am blinded. Then an Angel comes unto me, and extends his hand to me, which two pieces of bread. I eat one, and it is sweet, and my vision becomes green, and I see how every single thing has its own angel, but not I. And then I look, and I see that I have wings myself.

What is this?
The resting place of God.

What am I to learn here?

Of major transformations and divine providence.

But is there no God but Man?

Yes, but that does not preclude5) a creator of all. In Will there is only a speck of truth for the common man. In reality things are different for different people.

Why am I being shown this?

To understand the nature of rest. It is not inaction - it is a balancing. Thus God is always resting, as he is constantly creating things ever-conflicting.

Why do I have wings?

Because that is thy nature, as of the few humans who seek. It is no warrant of your state, but it shows your roots.6)

How shall I come to Understand?


And I behold myself watching over my previous life7), where as a child I protected myself in ways different than normal. And I see myself helping out myself8) as a child, as I make sure no real harm comes to me, and I see myself causing me hardship and pain. And then I realize that I am the sole cause of all these events.

[Interruption - phone call9)]

And then I am exhausted. I have taken full responsibility for my choices.

Is this the Lesson?
Yes. And thus you shall have boundless power, should you always strive for ever-changing balance.

Is there anything else?

Yes. Inhale the Dragon.

I do so, and my right nostril tingles, and pressures, and I feel the Serpent waking. I let it up.

Is this all?


1) Reminiscent of the sight of the milky way on a clear-sky night.
2) Much as if it was plankton.
3) Looked much like a sea-serpent, save for the wings, of which he had three pairs (this is from memory, not very reliable).
4) Fairly obvious reference to Revelation.
5) I was tempted to write “ex-clude”.
6) From here on, my writing becomes rather huge and flowing (writing from the arm instead of the wrist), and my vision seems to blur, as if I was going into a deeper trance.
7) Not a previous incarnation, this refers to this life, but in the past.
8) My writing returns more or less to normal, although still larger than usual.
9) Didn't have much of a bad effect though.
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