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CC, XXV prior, Camphor incense (closest to Capricorn that I had)

I see a rocky landscape, of orange soil and sharp, jagged mountains. There are two horns 1) above it, as if coming from the sky. There are two angels, and they blow into the horns, and a gigantic head of a goat appears 2).

It seems to be chewing on something. Its saliva drips on the earth, creating rivers and lakes, and making the earth live.

But its saliva is also red, and I see that the jaws are crushing the body of Jesus of Nazareth, his eyes filled with hopelessness, or vain hope.

I take a drink of his blood 3), and now become as a Ram.

Where the Devil is White, I am Red. Where his horns are almost straight, mine are twisted, spiraling madly as a dance of life.

And I say:

But I am the wisest. For you, in thy arrogance feed on the rot, whilst I partake in the fresher foods. The nectar is mine, as no other challenges as far as I.
And you are wright 4) For I have no interest in expanding. Mine rich is illusory, for I am not the bull 5). In fact, my only reason to exist is to cause pain and loss to the universe as I can.

But is not your pain joy?

Indeed it is.

Then come alongside me, and let us partake of the joy of the world.


But tell me yet, what of 810?

I do not know. Since his inception he has been fading through existence. Rarely does he overcome me as mine are the lower instincts of life and the death of the highest.

Is there anything you can teach me?

No. For I do not teach. I can however show you how to control thyself, but it is nothing new.
The first step is denial.

Black flash.

XXV, 14:22.

Literal horns, like a Markhor's.
It was white.
Tea, actually, as I had some at hand.
I think this is a pun on me being half-right; there always is a second layer which proves the obvious to be misleading.
Reference to Taurus.
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