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19:20 – CC, XXV, Samekh

Red, Orange, Yellow, White1)

There is a golden cauldron, in it blue flames and white. I see a woman of grace, her skin brilliant, silver-like. On the cauldron there are rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires. It seems to be an upscaled version of the Cup of Babalon, the Chalice of Abominations from my Chapel vision.

She smiles and looks at me, and says:

I am Lamia, who shall beget the World.

And I see, indeed, that she is half-snake. And her tail is like a rattle-snakes.

{Inv. Hex. Sagittarius} – she passes, and takes on a very cold, white aura.

What is the lesson here?
It is to be yourself.

Be myself or be my self?

The latter.

Show me.

And I see that indeed, all the things I perceive myself to be stem from an arbitrary distinction of space. I see everything to be a mesh-net, and within it units of consciousness, awareness, are all tetrahedrons of varying dimensions. We are all connected, and our awareness overlaps, but its all an illusion, as we all are the same organism.

This isn't something I didn't know. Do you have something new to teach me?
Yes. But to learn, I require that you [redacted].

How do I know that you'll teach me something worth this?

You don't.

Give me something to work with, then.

Draw three cards.

Universe, Satiety, Virtue.

This is what will follow. In this you must find yourself and divine what's best. The next two cards are on [redacted] either way:

Gain, Cruelty.

In this you must find your way. What says you?

Let me draw one card. It will be on what will happen to me, and what my choice is on this matter.


It seems like you need to conduct your lesson somehow else.
Done. Watch thyself, as you fall into despair.

Tell me more.


Is this all, then?

Thou thyself shall find the answer. The question is self-reliance.


19:44 – XXV

ascending gradients, as if a sky
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