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00:35 – XXV, ZAA

Green, grey, Black Silver, Lead, a sense of Wood, it is of medium color and medium weight. Birch?

There is a sense of fluctuation. Everything is water. There are bubbles, and they shine with a rainbow of light. I can perceive a surface to the water, far above, and I can feel supremacy emanating from there.

I see a giant fish-creature; it has the face of man, but the rest of it is fish. I have a feeling that its name is Forkys.

Who art thou?

I am Z., an aspirant to the Silver Star, and [REDACTED].

I see. You are not welcome here, lest you have proof of your aspiration.

My proof is my being here. I have fought and conquered enough to stand here before thee.

And yet, it is not enough.

Is my motton not Z? Is the Z. not the one of Iesod?
If so, how date you deny me the knowledge I strive for?

But oh, you are mistaken. You are not in Iesod, my friend.

Then where?

I am the place between {moon} and {pisces}. You've only left Malkuth. And you have yet to conquer Iesod.

I see. What must I do therefore?

First, seize yourself. Create thou body of light. What you have is most inadequate. Make it strong and solic. Only then canst thou perform adequately herein.

Alright. What else?

Be sure to keep yourself disciplined at all times. I also have another lesson, that of dissolving the physical and emotional body, but there is no LVX to support ye in that.

So what should I do?


Alright. Do you think I can move up to the 19th smoothly?

Perhaps. That is all.

Blue/Green flash.


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