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14:20 – XXV, recited cap. III of Liber LXV, incense of Opium (have no better at the moment)

Blue gold green (sea), white silver (sky) field. I see seagulls. There is a sense of tension, as if this peaceful view was about to suddenly become a cataclysm. I see a grey man, he is hooded, his face scarred, to the point where I cannot imagine what he looked like before.

Who are you?
I am IAD, the Redeemer. As my brothers I descended into time in order to redeem “their” understanding of themselves. It ended with me sailing alone on this ocean of stress.

I see that we are on an impressive ship… with a pirate flag.

Why did you fail?
Because my message was misunderstood. There is a mystery, but Fire cannot be without Water. For every Jesus there is a Judas. They conspire and play (theatre) in order for mankind to benefit of their lives.
Thus the message, being the same in all cases, can Take its best form at a given time. My message has been exiled as it was not needed.

What was your message?

That you will have to uncover yourself. For I am you, and the message is inherent in your lineage.

So what is the purpose of this vision?

Test me. [I do - passes]
The purposeis that of refinement. You see, as you grow, you accumulate lots of ideas which are not yours.

Are you alluding to the 2=9 task?

Yes. Once taken to its extreme, it will yield knowledge of me.

Would a Neither-Neither meditation suffice?

Yes, but only for short bursts of knowledge. The goal is constant abandon, perfect annihilation of Self into the Neshamah.

Perpetual samadhi?

Yes. Try the dervish spinning. It should prove very helpful in keeping discipline.

Are you Malai?


Is there anything else?


Tell me about your relationship with Set and 232.

Set; I am He, the Limiter in War.
232; He is my Master, the most Worshipful Lord of the Hells and Heavens.

Anything I should know?

[Redacted a few lines]


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