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21:55 LBRP, ZOM

Dark green. Migraine subsiding, softly. Comfortable, dark orange glow.

I see a blue eagle, and it has a halo around its head.

There is a cry, and echoes. I look around. Mountains. There is a single golden cloud, among tall clouds near the mountain peak on the other side of the valley.

A river runs through, and it's the river of souls - those who got lost, and are going to be “recycled”, whatever that means.

The sun is bright, the air is hot and heavy. Oppressive.

I see the Eagle's nest, and its eggs are as prisms, or mother-of-pearl, reflecting the Syn into all colors.

And the Eagle's eyes are black, as they absorb all things, soaring above only to find the One bit of influence that will make all the difference.

I am alone. There is nowhere to go, but follow the trail up. It's well-used, yet aside from a single abandoned house, there is no sign of anyone ever being here.

The peak is snowy. There are large rocks set in a circular pattern around it.

In the middle - a campfire. It's dead, for a long time. I light it.

And I see 7 angels descend upon me, each a different colored robe.

They extend their right arms toward me… and then Chaos.

There is a deafening noise. Wrath.

There is a blinding light.

I try to relax and absorb all that energy. It seems to work.

I see chains on my ankles and wrists. And then, God - me.

+ (him) By whatever name I go, the essence remains.

- (me) What is this?

+ Just speeding things up. Can't wait for you forever.

- And yet… you already did.

+ Not in this timeline

(test - passes - no effect)

- I have no clue what that means.

+ Of course not.

- Are you alive while you're doing this?

+ Yes.

- Jesus, I'll be such an asshole to myself?

+ Whatever Necessity demands. Take your time, I'll push you through.

- Thanks, I guess. What is this, now?

+ Just a top-up. I can't have you fail now.

- Do you get migraines, still?

+ No. They go away by 32.

- Treatment no worko?

+ I didn't get any.

- I see. What am I supposed to do now?

+ Rest. Migraine will only go away tomorrow or the next day1). Complete your work. We'll talk later on.

- OKay.



And this came to pass - I'm writing this two days later, and it only now started properly fading.
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