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Beth is the Magus, being the Eye in the Center of the Sun.
Maim is the Watery embrace of the Mother.
Tzaddi is the Power of the Magus expressed towards the Mother.

So in essence, this formula merges the currents of Horus and Set into one.
Law as Balance and Energy as Chaos must be balanced by the Magus.

The formula of Chokmah is VIAOV. It's divine name is YH which is the same in one sense as IAD.
YHVIAOV = 108, making 18, and 9. It's a good foundation for our formula.
18 is in one sense 666, so we are referencing Qoph, Chet, The Sun and Yesod.

262 + 15 = 277 = Resh Ayin Zayin. That's a phallic and solar formula ruling the feminine in a sense.
Resh the head pride the sun.
Ayin the pyramid - the eye - the devil.
Zain the sword the virgin Virgo in between the mother and sun.

Resh Osiris.
Ayin Apophis.
Zain the Two combined as Brothers.
Resh + Ayin = 9 Reduced.
34 is the number of the Devil and Sun conjoined adding in 6 from brothers Gives us 40, the Tree Perfected. and Maim.

Composite Set Horus's name is NUBTI = 77, which is Ayin Zain.
NUBTI + IAD = 92.

When you reverse the monad Consider the pytamid going upwards. There's the water. BINH and NUBTI expressed. The Obelisk of the Sun there. Ayin. And the Moon supporting it. The Circle with the point is the Sun normally The Cross as 777, Konx Om Pax.

Water - Emperor (ruler's rood = 777), and Mercury as Sun and Moon conjoined.
You begin with Binh, master her, then you find balance, and extend yourself into Space.
So you begin with the Monad as normal, but then reverse it as the Magus. And you stand literally in the point in the circle.

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