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19:42. LBRP, then PAZ

Green. Orange. Into Red. White.

Sideways oval of light, a portal - yet not. A mirror. I see myself in it. Yet on the other side of the mirror, I see crawling and creeping monsters - humanoid - yet not.

+ - they don't react

Instead, they appear around me. They're made of light - of the Highest, yet I can tell they're mindless. They have no internal structure. It's chaotic, and ever-shifting from one moment to the next.

They are alive, and good, and completely mad. Never changing, always different.

Schizophrenic, yet still of the Most High. They are 4. All the same, yet different in small aspects.

“The Riders”

Their nature remains the same - fore ever.

For to do their animal - yet most sacred - duty, they exist only in the most high. And outside of time, where all happens at once, there is no memory - all is as it ever was. Pestilence, Famine, War and Death are about me -

And they leap upon me, ineffectively. They change places, they circle me clockwise.

Their eyes have colors, and they appear as entirely infernal, save for being made of LVX.

Pestilence, White Famine, Blue
Death, Yellow War, Red

And as they stand around me, I order them into specific places.

(Death East, War South, Famine West, Pestilence North)

And perform the LBRP, binding them to fealty and obedience.

They now appear as dogs. Each one obediently sitting at it's Angel's feet.

And a light shines from above, and I am lifted, as if by a giant hand, into a brilliant space. I see a form of God. The Old Man in the sky. Then the eye in the triantle. Then N∴, and then myself.

~ Listen closely. [redacted] Who is he? Find the answer.

+ - Does nothing.

- Should I be worried?

~ Yes.

- Why?

~ There are forces unknown, and war is preventable.

- Alright, you're fucking with me. Why should I care right now?

~ Because you need to act now. NOW. [redacted] Accept no less for an answer. Only if you know will you be safe.

- Makes little sense, but okay. Anything else?

~ Not at the moment. This is a pressing matter. Continue the visions. Bye.

– end –


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