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27/06/2018 - 22:21 TAN - 5 of Swords

XXV, Vib.

Green/ Indigo.

I see a book.

There are… four locks/ seals on it.


Who said this?
We did.

I see four pale faces, with terrible features and rot and disease on/ in them.

Who are you?
The tip of the spear that brings forth the sublime

Sublime what?

Count and number by the Ox.

Does that translate straight into Hebrew?

Divide the result by the amount of letters.
Now feed us blood that we may open the Gates of Knowledge

They cut open my left wrist, and as they drink blood it seems to pour in to their arms, which are also cut open, and they bleed onto the seals.

The book seems to absorb the blood and then… it looks as if it absorbed light itself.

On the cover is the image of a tree.

The cover is leather, the seals are in gold.

The book opens. The pages glow, and as I look at them, it's as if Knowledge just appears in my head.

What should I do now?
Sit still, observe.

I sat back and waited for a time.

It seems like the way I think has somehow changed.

As if there is some kind of artificial direction my thoughts are bound to.

Continue this meditation while you to to sleep.

Will do.


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