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1:47 – XXV, Tau

Green, gold, white, black. Specks of light around. They fill me with joy. A sense of completion washes over me. There are sharp shapes around, threatening.

I see then a shiny figure, Hermes, with his winged sandals, appear. He holds within his hand a caduceus, and both he and it are shining with a brilliant white light. And he faces me and says:

I am the Golden Boy.

What do you mean?

I am He who emits, absorbs and transmits everything. An electron, so to speak.

Please explain.

I am that which the alchemists sought for ages.

Universal Mercury?

Yes. The perfect solvent, vitriol. My Gold is not of this world however it is, though.

I don't understand. Regardless, I seek your allegiance, bad or good.

Or good or bad. Interesting. And why should I listen to you?

To entertain yourself, perhaps?

Potentially. But figure this: I am you perfected.

Even if you are, I am still imperfect; how do I reach?

First of all, stop wasting time. I will give you a gift. A token of your alliance. But in return, you have to keep Silence, and let the Words go through you as they appear. (he gives me the Caduceus)
As long as you hold this, reality will bend to what you say. Within reason, of course; By speaking, you create. This will work most on yourself; consider it an exercise in self-discipline.

Is there anything else?


What is the symbol for me to inscribe on the Pentacle?

Use these [sigils]

Are you sure these are correct? I think they need o be elaborated more.

Look for patterns, write an analysis, and send it to [REDACTED] There's no use waiting.

Alright. What else?

Nothing. Let me absorb you, and let me be absorbed. In this way, you will find your intellect in better shape.

Thank you.

Silvery white flash, End.


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