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9:24 – First Key, BAG (English)

Dark grey/ violet/ indigo around me. There is a Gothic Cathedral before me, and a sense of space infinite yet limited by the statues of Angels that stand within, and of the gargoyles which stand about. A vast voice speaks “Enter”.

The large gates open slowly, I hear the chains and wood move. Beyond the gate is darkness, smooth & perfect. I enter, and find that beforme stands a figure of black flame, with intense red lips & venomously green eyes. The eyes turn yellow, then pink & violet into black & white.

What have you come here for?

Initiation. - I notice a golden chalice on the Altar at the far end of the room, behind the character. The Chalice has rubies, sapphires & diamonds embedded into it.

You won't find that here unless you drink from that Chalice.

I approach it, and a fetor of rotten flesh & putrefaction overcomes me. “In the name of our Lady Babalon, if I be worthy, let me be immune & strengthened by this poison”. I then drink the whole of it's contents. I notice parts of meat, a dead rat, a fetus's small hand and other such. Disgusting.

The black guy seems shocked at what I did, and stares blatantly.

What next?

He points me to a small door in the corner - I enter, and follow a small staircase down underneath. [my guts are killing me at this point] I find 6 monks bearing various implements of pain standing around a stone slab. One of them motions me to lie down.

I am tied down & cannot move. They cut me open, and I see a white/gold light come from under my skin.

– Time Skips –

I wake & see a large Pot filled with black tissue which they apparently removed.

Red flash, back in body.

9:42 – XXV

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