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17:50 - LBRP, LIT

Dark blue/ green, yellow glow around green area. There is red in the center of the green, and purple, and pink, which brightens into white.

There is a brilliant angel that steps out of the light, floating toward me.

- Who are you?

~ It repenteth me I made man.

+ - truth and fealty

He kneels.

- Well, what's this about?

~ Providence, Lord, and (health/ wellbeing/ life)

- What's your name?

~ [redacted]

- Why do I keep on getting strange names?

~ For the gematria.


- Okay. Mercurial. Interesting. Why?

~ For I am but the messenger.

- What is the message?

~ Persist, induct, persevere and accomplish, that I may rest, I who am I, and give in to desire, for without it, annihilation is certain.

~ Yet desire is also the Ape, which twists and turns and spins and carts around.

~ For every barrel has a second bottom, and only upon finding it are we truly illuminated.

~ And rest assured I am watching - there is none of me that is not of the Gods. Yet even in that there is deceit.

And I see the Angel's eyes light up, a bright blue, and I can tell it's a conduit.

- Who are you?

~ The One.

- Who?

~ The One, whose throne ever flameth, and whose emptiness attracts those who can hear.

- What am I doing here?

~ Learning. For the history of your species is long and winded, yet in Understanding you can comprehend all in but an instant.

- Understood. What then?

~ Sleep.

(long time passes. Feeling “something” shift around in my body, and BoL)

I see a golden Orthodox cross before me. It has gems and riches on it. Then it turns into a simple wooden cross. Then a branch. Then a tree. A seed.

~ I am intrinsic in all. There is no place where I am not. Yet I am Not. Who am I?

- IT.

~ Perhaps.

- What am I to do here?

~ Stay a while, enjoy my shade. And let me tell you, a story.

(I get sleepy again - long time passes)

I got lost in thought. No clue how much time passed. Old memories and regrets came up. I feel quite upset overall, but calm.

The vision ended. REally not sure what to make of this. Feels like my memory is slowly returning, along with my emotions.

Getting lost in random throughts and images is troublesome. I'll need to be more aware.

Or… was that the goal? Unconscious processing?

Either way. I'm feeling energized. But also feeling like I'm coming down - as if I hit peak, and each subsequent vision will be descending back into matter.

We'll see.


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