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00:09 – XXV, First, TEX

Dirty yellow/green field, The Sun shines strong, much like on Atu XIX. There is a medieval town, with corpses hanging by their necks on the walls. There is disease. “Plague” I hear someone cry.

And a booming voice sayeth “Repent o ye sinners for thy sins, and the sin shall be no more”. I realize it is IAD BALT who speaketh. And I see Him as a tall armored man, with a sword of dark steel, dirty as if he just came from battle.

How do I repent?
Seek balance. The yoke hurts, but it bestoweth movement in passion.

Is there anything I should do here, then?

Come with me, and I shall shew you my art and Justice.

I follow, and soon we are flying in a chariot over the streets of the town.

Do you see these people? Scum. They do not know what they want. This corrupts. One cannot worship without worshiping oneself.

You mean to say that the True Will is prerequisite for any one action to be true?

That is so.

What shall I do, then?

Show me that you can act truly. You're free to do anything, but it must ring true.

I focus, and the town, instantly, disappears.

Good. That is certainly more than I expected.

Is it? Why?

That is because instead of questioning anything you removed any possibility of dissonance.
Justice is power. Power is One. And in One, there is no division.
Your lesson is ended. Continue to the next Aire.

Black/blue flash.

00:25 – XXV

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