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21:59 – BAG

Pass through upright septagram (sky-blue). I see a blue sky, with numerous clouds, and isles floatng; there is a great big ocean underneath stretching beyond the horizon. I see a chessboard. On it stands a cube, shining in an electric blue color. Next to it stands an elderly gentleman.

Do you wish to play?

What's the prize?


Is it worth my time?

Do you care for [REDACTED]?

Yes. Are we talking about [REDACTED]?

Yes. We can make [REDACTED] better.

In what way?

By eliminating disease and affliction from [REDACTED].

I see. What's the Catch?

You will be ours if you lose.

What does that entail?

Nothing that you are unfamiliar with.

{I invoke Nubti}

Speak the truth. What's the catch?
We will require you to jump higher in the Aethyrs, quickly.

How quickly?

One a week, until the 19th. Then you are free to go.

And thus I'll be unknowingly doing your work, yes?

Yes. Your quality of life will rise however – it is to mutual benefit.

O Nubtiaida, is this the correct move?

[says yes in multiple languages] Trust me.

{I test Nubti with hexagrams. He absorbs and shines brighter}

Alright. What is the game?
You have to guess three numbers, and…

Cut the bullshit. This sounds too ridiculous. Who are you?

I am Nubtial. The diligent emissary of the Most Holy. Gabriel is but a peasant in my wake.

We'll see.
Very well. I want [REDACTED].
What do you need of me in exchange? The Aethyr shit is ridiculous.

Trust me on this: you won't like it, but it's necessary.

He places his hands on my head and I feel a strong charge of energy go up and down my spine, as if I am being electrocuted by blue thunder.

This will cause you to be able to accomplish miracles again. Nothing you couldn't do before, but more than you were able to just before.
Focus on healing one person or thing a day. Even if it's very minor. Your touch is golden.

So what is my task?

Heal things. That is all.

Black flash.


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