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2:02 – CC, XXV

I see a blue moon, which turns into a sea-green. There are fish of marvellous, shining colors, but they all give the impression of danger. Then I see what looks like a dark blue/red dragon, and it has great big fins and it seems to make water boil around its mouth and it speaks

I am I. Who are you?

I am I. Who are you?

I am I. This is all I know.

Are you the selfest?

Yes. In this Wisdom is a mystery, for I am not of Mars but Mars is of me. In this way the Zeal of God seems to be astonished to have reflected itself into itself in this way.

You are the reflection.

You are the Zeal.

How come you are a mirror?

How come you are not?

[I test with inv. hex. Mars, he passes]

Tell me about the lesson here.
There isn't one. All you need to know is that the light before light is still the same substance, just in a different, more pure, state. Thus whatever you do, you will find lesser purity to be easier to obtain relative to that which you have not yet attained.

What shall I do then?

Partake of that which you can reach, and purify it. Spill not one drop.

Is this the secret of Chastity?

And Indifference, as the Lord said.

What of Nubti?

He is Lord and Savior of all who believe.

Are you kidding me?

Not one bit. His Word is of Indifference. It is that which drives men to do shit, get shit done. We have no love, no hope for the wicked, those who have come to betray their brothers. And so, reason shall succeed over their minds once his word is uttered.

What is the deal with [redacted]


Alright, we'll see. Anything else I need to know?

The tarot doesn't lie. Ever Keep this in mind.

Anything else?

Beware of the Qliphoth.
This is all. Goodnight.


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