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LBRP (enhanced), 19th (DEO - 7th Aire)

Green. Sunny. Yet the moon's in the sky.

I see ravens, swans and unicorns.

There is a great storm, and the moon becomes a furious red eye, with a black cornea and yellow iris. And the red pupil has white shiny spots in it - stars.

And I see the signs of the zodiac around the pupil, and they cycle, spin, counterclockwise with incredible speed.

And the moon-eye grows, and expands, and stairs appear that lead into it, and the pupil collapses in on itself, and there is a flash of light.

And the pupil became a portal.

And I feel Raphael behind me, and he's encouraging me to go there.

And I see an assembly of Gods. Greek, Roman, Slavic, Hindu, and others.

They're all on thrones. All alone.

And I see an empty throne, at the feet of which sit three young, beautiful women. One is black, one looks Irish/ Nordic (not sure), and one is asian.

And when they seem me, they seem to stand at attention, as if guarding the throne.

I kneel before them, and ask whose throne this is.

~ His whose name no man has spoken.

- Very well. I would ask for an audience.

~ Your wish has been granted.

The scenery changes. Everyone disappears. All that is left is the empty throne.

Darkness around. And darker darkness occupies the throne.

~ What seekst thou? O Mighty Slayer.

- I slay none.

~ So says you, yet your heart is heavy. Do you seek to destroy me?

- No. But I would know you.

~ No man can. For to incarnate is to bind thyself to restriction. But there may be ways.

- Then kill me.

~ Cut your haste, Child. For to kill my son is a great sacrifice. Yet you ask that of me this lightly?

- We both know you're real.

+ for sight and appearance

The area lights up, but all that's in the throne is “mass”. AN infinite gravity that amplifies all.

~ Do not forget, all these names are of my creation, my domain.

- Then what would you have me do?

~ Come, drink and wallow in your misery, until you find joy. Or… you can join me on this journey.

- Where to?

~ Babalon. For while you've been gestating, I have made preparations.

And a portal opens before me. I cross. I find myself in a beautiful temple, with the Enochian tablets, SDA on the floor, and an intricate pattern on the ceiling.

~ Take note

[temple layout image]

~ Look.

- Yes?

I see that the place practically reeks of ozone. There are two cubes which are made of pure lightning.

~ What to have a go?

- Sure. How do I project intention?

~ I'll do it for you - if you know my name.

And I see images and remember.

(long time passes)


~ Bingo.

- How/ why?

~ Let the confusion go. I'll explain later. Now, time-fuckery.

- How do I know this is real?

~ You don't, until you do. Now fuck that pussy.

- You still haven't explained how.

~ [explains]

I project the current state of the world as I understand it on cube A.

Copy that to cube B.

Use the pictures of the tarot to change things.


~ Now link the cubes. Sit in the middle.

I do, and the cubes zap me from both sides. Then they come together.

~ Now, LBRP, and have the Angels carry your message forth across reality.


~ Thank you.

- Now, care to explain?

~ We don't stop, after death. And as you are, I carry an agenda of the future. There is but One way, and we all head it.

- Yet time doesn't exist?

~ Not in the way you understand it. Picture hadit - expanding endlessly, yet one. Now reverse that. Time is but motion, to one end.

- Is God real?

~ No. But maybe he was.

- Well I'll treat this with caution. It's only getting weirder.

~ You haven't seen anything yet.


- If this is true, I'll be fucking pissed.

~ It'll be.

- Okay. Anything else here?

~ No. Enjoy.

- Thanks.

– end –


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