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21:40 CHR

CC, LBRP, PoE, 19th

White, Creamy color

White circle, small

Another. And third.

More appear, and thin lines connecting them.

I see some sort of figure.

Guy in what looks like a lab coat.

He walks along, to the left.

Red flashes.

Red circle appears.

I see some sort of tentacles.

They seem to aim not to kill their catch, but to capture it.

Michael appears.

You disappointed us.

I ate and was in pain.

Barred entry for a week. You will come back to this place again before you are allowed further.

You made your point. I'm sorry. I'll do better.

Then do so. Get your thinking out of your head. It doesn't matter what you think.

You're right. Why do you appear in my visions repeatedly?

Someone has to watch over you [keep you on track]

What must I do to continue?

Believe. Stop asking if this is real. It is. Have Faith and the light of the cross will guide your hands.

(I honestly can't say I feel this vision to have a connection)

Michael, what do I do?
Sit, still, silent.

I sit back.

Soon, I see the Four Archangels appear in a brilliant light with swords.

They cut at my chest, once each.

Then they tear my hear out, split it in four, and eat it.

Rosy cross appears and takes their place.

What does this mean?
You have been chosen. Obey.

You do know I'll need this verified, right?

It will be given. Expect nothing.

End. QC.


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