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Verse by Verse


  1. Verily and Amen → The Work ended before it began. Ain.
    Deep sea → Ain Soph
    Rivers of Running Water → Ain Soph Aur
    Land of No Desire → Kether.
  2. Unicorn → Kether, also Speech (by Liber Jugorum). IT. The Axle of the Wheel (Kaph).
    Silver collar → Gimel
    Linea Viridis Gyrat Universa → Venus (Daleth).
  3. Word of Adonai → Zain - Gemini rules speech.
    Mouth of the Magister → Pe (Mars), but could also be the Chalice of the Aquarius 1).
    Heart → Tiphareth.
    Old Serpent → Lilith → Iesod.
  4. This is the Nephesh to be overcome.
  5. Beautiful wast thou → This is the end of the descending current of the aspiration. Adonai hath touched the Heart, and the Heart begins seeking more subtle and perfect states. Notice the past tense.
  6. Attainment unto Magus 9=2 in the previous Aeon - there is duality at play. Currently, this is beyond my abilities to formulate coherently. The idea deals with purity of illusion.
  7. Netzach → the Nephesh clings to the Aspiration which pulls the Aspirant upwards → Kundries.
  8. Awakening to impurity in awareness.
  9. Iesod/ Da'ath harmonies → Choronzon (Restriction be unto Him in the name BABALON).
  10. Crystal of the Future → Qoph (divination), Pisces.
    Also, the End of the Zodiac Belt, which is annihilation into Naught.
  11. Zen and Folly. See verse 58.
  12. Pulled back from bliss by awareness and intellect. The Ruach not under Will, sabotaging entry into Briah.
  13. Beloved → Gemini? ADNI → Sol.
    The Appeal to Self → One cannot force oneself to take action.
  14. The self attached to Lilith prevents the Will from acting. In fact, Lust of Result → force stayed in it's inception. AL II:27.
    The attachment is referred to as “Mine” in v. 21.
  15. Ganesha → Iesod also. One cannot master forces of hierarchy X from without it. Thus one needs to call upon authority within the scope of the problem.
  16. Union in the Art → Saggitarius.
  17. Experience of Hadit, where everything is ADNI but the Aspirant. O!
  18. ADNI being infinite and eternal.
  19. Identification of ADNI as Kether. IT.
  20. Permeating everything → 0=2.
  21. I → Hadit.
    Me → Ego (the false self)
    Mine → What the Ego is attached to
    Lutes → disharmony (action) in the interaction of the Three above.
    Violets → No idea.
    Roses → Refers to negative veils. Most probably the whole refers to Kether or the City of Pyramids.
  22. Pe → Death, Fairly sudden, passing.
  23. Aleph → Sudden action, new impulse, disharmony
  24. Nun → Natural death, stillness at last.
    Here, Pe and Aleph are a “testing of waters” so to speak for the aspirant, who begins losing himself in stillness.
  25. Stillness being just part of the equation - movement is stillness in a manner also.
  26. Adonai being beyond definition, as IT's the unity thereof 2).
  27. Mastery of the Astral Plane doesn't allow contact with the Angel.
    Stillness = transcendence, which confers communion.
  28. A cult cannot be built. Everything fails as soon as movement arises.
  29. Everything IS the cult. Being that Thou art beyond the comprehension of all, this is the true face of the A.'.A.'.. 3).
  30. As above. Stillness → death, change in stability. A lack thereof can prove advantageous.
  31. Thrice → searching in space. Since God is everywhere, one finds Him.4).
  32. Those being distractions on the path to silence and stillness.
  33. Adoration of All. Here: Nuit = Adonai, with Hadit being the reference point.5)
  34. The adept and Adonai work for each other's benefit.
  35. And there is no other work for them to do whatsoever.
  36. Adonai being all-permeating and all-powerful is beyond any work. Thus, when the Adepthood is bestowed, it is Adonai who completes the Work, and the one who starts it.
    The Aspirant is but the fuel which is burnt and transmuted by God, the aspiration being their link. 6)
  37. Dog → Gimel. Also see knees of the Unknown → Atu II, who is Adonai.
  38. Great delight → mystical experience.
    offering of intoxication → anaesthesia for the union of the two (still imperfect in this verse7)).
  39. The aspirant is poisoned with aspiration - existential pain ensues. Utter consumption by the aspirant causes the vision8) of the HGA from Tiphareth9).
  40. The aspirant identifies with the sub-elements of Water.
    Harlot → Fire of Water
  41. Air of Water?
  42. Earth of Water?
  43. Water
  44. Spirit of Water.
  45. Expression of surrender
  46. Expression of the Will to Unity10).
    It is important also to make a strong analysis of the formula IOA.
  47. spilt blood → essence of Water (by way of Pisces).
    Ravens of dispersion → Netzach → thus the active force (aka BABALON).
  48. seal unloosed → limits and inhibitions let go
    8th abyss → crossing of the abyss to Tiphareth in Brish, if we count every crossing between triads as a crossing of an abyss, and that Kether = Malkuth in the progression of the worlds.
    vast sea → Briah → world of Water
    rendering asunder → 0=2 again. Full attainment of 5=6 11).
  49. Wizard fount → aqua vitae, fountain of youth.
    lost me in Thy stillness → Samadhi.
  50. The becoming of an 8=3 → The brothers of the A.'.A.'. are women12).
  51. Appeal to Nuit (Binah).
  52. Apeal to Chaos (Chokmah).
  53. Butterfly at the source of creation → Kether
    death → anihilation of Kether.
    infinite stream → Ain Soph Aur (see v.1).
  54. Aquarius → He. Once again, the adept is pulled towards Chokma which lies above the Tiphareth Attained. In this case, still in Briah.
  55. Realization of the all-permeating principle, and re-affirmation of the unity of Adonai and the Adept. Also, a reaching out to Binah. See Liber 36, and Liber Yod.
  56. Description of what Liber 36 does (continues until end).
  57. Samadhi → there is no possible description of the experience.
  58. There remains naught but being.
  59. All is one in the act of Unity. The Magus is slain by Kali, who rises as Baphomet, a brother to Set.
  60. Identification with Xeper (Set), who finds his black Sun 13).
  61. Adonai = Ain.
  62. As ones consciousness and awareness grows, our perspective changes, whereas the elements (objects) stay the same. All that ever was is as it ever will be. 14)
  63. All will be attained once the Poison of the Infinite is injected. 15)
  64. A rejoicing of unity, where Horus and Set are joined as Thoth.
  65. Affirmation of the only possible interaction being between the Adept and Adonai.

K (old)

1) No desire, Grace, gaining what is needed without effort, being delivered from the lust of Need (I.e. result).

*2) Hod, assuredly. Must learn the Latin of this phrase, nominally translated as Green lines dance across the universe.

3) Admonishment; the Magister mine as VVVVV?

4) Lilith, perhaps being a subconscious egrore manifestation lingering from the Yesod period.

5) Her adornment was great, and the visions sublime and satisfying to the Ego consciousness.

6-7) Joy at the coming

8) Unfulfilled sub-conscious, negative archetypes, and what I formulate as the Shadow of the Abyss, the confrontations one goes through in Yesod in order to move on. Conquering the outward appearances of Shadow Psyche and the Night Side manifestation, which must be synthetic, synchretic, and holistic.

9) Confirmation of archetype theory, coming from culturally ingrained formats of the pre-human and the earlier.

*10) ??? The emancipation of a Magister? Must read other class A‘s.

11) Past and future as neurological fictions, and realization of time as non-linear and existent and as opposed to real.

12) Time as existent is simply the measure of entropy; how much decay of atoms has passed between two points in space-time.

13) VVVVV wants relief from either the experience or the pressure thereof. Why I do not know.

14) The entwining and braiding is so complete that it overrides and become Logos almost like a parasite.

15) Ganesha? Atu 15? Satan? Babalon?

16) Vesteture of god forms.

17) Emerald? The Hermetic doctrine of as above and so below, most likely, the Laws of nature, and the ability to work within that law.

18) Synthetic with Hod the HGA is timeless, an entity of sublime singular grace, existing as a black hole in a stasis of time because of the spiritual gravity of the situation. GRACE.

19) Adoration, the Joy of 8.

20) The Universal (Worldy?) aspect of the Magus whose flesh generates the HGA.

21) The City of 1? A city in the world before time and space? The realm of the origin of non-arising?

22) N.O.X, the Night of Pan.

23) (Significant that this is 23 in Hod) The tempest, storms coming at the heels (hells) of Set-hen that destroys and puts to rest.

24) All the above occurred, and in the repose of occurring there was silence still.

25) ‘Thou art’ the homunculi of Nut and Hadith, the Pure Pneuma of Pistis Sophia’s breeding with IAO that was breathed into the life of the creations of Iaoldaboath…the Horus made to reflect the Dark Spaces. His origin is with Set-potentiality borne by Nut’s instruction. In short; Ra-Hoor-Khuit. (Ra- Harakte, the synthetic god form of all of Ra’s aspects as filtered through Horus.)

26) He exists beyond semiotics.

27) Form conforms at the HGA’s command, and you are the form of all your forms, being that which interprets them. Man made God in his own image.

*28) ?!?

29) ? Further explication of the HGA being attached all along, not made into being.

30) Further proof of the HGA as a divine homunculus. Typhon; Greek for the Aegyptian Apepi. Apepi is the Dragon of the Abyss, Choronzon, who was a homunculus of Set that became too powerful to continue existing without interfering with Set’s machinations. He is slain by Set every midnight that Keph- Ra may journey the underworld without impediment. Further, the HGA is the A in the IAO, coming at the decay of specific mental processes in favor of unified singular existence.

31) Thrice; the formula of 1146?

The Formula of Leviathan is 1146, which rides on the fact of 0=2. The unification of opposites still creates something, which can be seen as 1=3, or that the equation 0=2 has three unique parts creating a singular expression. Double this, and we get two things, expansion fractally, as well as a whole in the unity of two opposite pairs, I.e. 4. Six is the result of the synthesis of the knowledge garnered at the realization of the KBListic opposites and principles of adjustment. Hence the labelling of LVThN, who guards the Abyss of Knowledge, Da’ath. Every act of permutation shows how to gain access to the HGA, the union of disparate parts.

32) More knowledge of the Sun by it’s Penumbra in Eclipse, see Liber 333.

33) Adoration.

34) ???

35) Explication of above in terms of light/dark. There is no other night or day other than that of the interactions of Self, which is fundamentally adorned (in the I Ching sense) with the HGA.

36) I, VVVVV, is fundamentally WILLED into being, the Kephra aspect, the Daimon, the Ego interaction vehicle that is separate from the HGA…the Soul of the Biological and Psychological Nature.

37) I, the Flesh, is auxiliary.

38) Adoration.

39) Vision of what the HGA teaches gives one the Subjective Universe in all of its infinite nature as ones plaything.

40) One becomes as BABALON, consuming (taking in) all things.

41) She murders those who beg to be consumed. Acid Revelation #4; BABALON, or Binah, is simply the thing that one exhausts oneself into, stripped of all symbolism.

42) Most people use the tendency toward dissolution (Human dedication) as an evil.

43) She has been tainted by the emotions of her petitioners.

44) The placement of form on ‘things’ causes her to become obscured by the Abyss of reason and thought.

45) This is a microcosm of the attainment of the HGA, which is force unified, and therefore without format, all pervading and potential. IOA, the uniting principle creating the decay of process that can be distilled into focus on what is left after the decay.

45) IOA, supporting the former interpretation.

46) Eclipsed.

47) Eclipsed.

48) Perhaps the Eighth Aethyr, perhaps the 8 as Hod and the Abyss of Graceful Knowledge, the Seal being his sublime ordering of knowledge.

49) The supreme aim of all magick. The source of divine inspiration, and mystic being.

50) The A.’.A.’. strips one down, a dual grad-school and boot camp for Magi. The Initiates of the A.’.A.’. are women, see Liber 333.

51) Adoration.

52) Binah above the Abyss and above the Priestess of Blinding Light. HGA as a ‘son’ homunculus of Binah.

53) Source of Creation, NOT METAPHOR, this is LITERAL. Let me be absorbed in potentiality.

54) Stream, the Path of a Star, or a person Emancipated and Subdued of the HGA leads on the dissolution into Nuit The giving of oneself TO (To the End of BABALON, as an end) BABALON leads one above the Abyss-Devotion!!!*

55) Maim??? Saphire equated with 3.

56) The Water (subjective nature) beyond the origins of subjectivity-archetypical formats.

57) The far distance of a Magister Templi from having to describe the psychotic path to supreme emancipation.

58) That emancipated one is the Fool, in perfect, though unconscious control of the reality tunnel he occupies.

59) Eagle as Tiphareth, and the HGA, and then the antinomian nature of nullification of polar opposites being the gallows where the condemned and condemner cavort and dance.

60) Wraeththu. The (positive) Kundalini serpent descends into it’s opposite container, as does the other in the act of congress.

61) No thing is still a thing. One MUST cross the Abyss to know HGA; I WAS RIGHT.

62) Lamed, Th, and Nun?

63) Revelation even if they have to die to get it, those without the will to potentiality.

64) Adoration

65) Implication (startling as it may be) that the Self and the HGA are one and the same, though may well be upon exemplification of the Self.

The Tarot connection

Of course, considering the fact that this is the capter of Water, we can make an immediate link to the Hanged Man, which proves quite useful. Immediatelly, we notice the ascending blue triangle in the lower part of the card. This is in order, since the attitudes of the elements have changed as per the magical hexagram. Thus we have utter devotion, and the Sign of Apophis, who, hanging from Kether rejoices. Graphically, we see the shine of Kether from the middle of the top of the Card, as well as how it springs forth from the three negative veils. In this, we can see that the top of the reversed Ankh is in fact Kether. It's arms being Chokmah and Binah. Those, however, are all one, as they are Not. Further, we notice the clear Abyss, which starts just after Tiphareth (which is here shown as the tip of the ascending traingle, just below the Hanged Man's navel). Herein lies another problem, which deals with the alternative, Scorpian mode of initiation. One begins suffering as soon as one steps foot on the path, and the suffering ceases only after one attains fully to the Supernals 16).

Further still, there is the consideration of what happens if we reverse the card. Wen now see that the sign of Water takes it's proper (magical) attitude, and that the Character on the card does little more than conquer everything. This is, however, not conquest for ambition. It is an existential struggle, the nails being an imperative that drives him to attain. One cannot help but notice the presence of the Two serpents on the card. This is an extremely important element of the whole deal, however to see the import of it, we need to realize that the Ankh in it's proper aspect17) is Malkuth. Here we see Lilith (as the smaller serpent) bind the Aspirant (or now, Adept) with Yesod, therefore keeping him grounded. It is very important to realize that without this element (being the Foundation of the Whole Work), one can easily get lost in delusion, feelings, and uncertainty. It is implicit that there is a degree of escapism in the Aspirant who chooses this path to attainment, as we see quite clearly that the only thing this one has on his mind is the Snake of Emerald (Adonai).

Now, if we treat the reversed card as a map to Attainment, we can see even in the First Verse that there is meaning to be found. “I passed through the Deep Sea” → clearly this can be found in the darker blue square on the card, which implicitly is water. This, however, is a study to be done later. It would take much time to grasp all the quirks of this.

Moving on, we can consider the cards of the Zodiac. Of course, on the Moon card we can see that the Aspirant is represented by Kheph-Ra, who wishes to pass into the waters beyond Death and Life. This to be expanded later.

see Atu XVII
thinking about the Universe
tranced a little. Not sure if I should have made that claim
without fail
See Atu II
In essence, the Aspirant is a marionette used by God in order that he can pay himself homage.
MS. says “chapter”, however that seems to be not quite true.
which could be understood also as Will to Power
fairly sure this should refer to the whole triad of Tiphareth-Geburah-Chesed
Liber 333 cap. 3
see Atu XVIII
see AL II:57-58
in due time
since we reversed the card
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