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Yellow, but very gold 1). Temple grounds, Temple interior. Temple of gold, and of vermilion and yellow insignia.

There is a huge housecat. It's fair yellow and orange, its teeth are sharp. Then it resembles a dog, and lastly an ape (baboon).

I see Hermes standing upon a branch of an olive tree, he's clad in blue, with golden threads shining clearly.

Hello traveler, Hast Thou ventured far?

Much to the contrary. I wish to, however, can you guide me?

No, but I can give you my baculum, if you pass a test.

And what is it?

Endure this question2); what is the import of initiation of Man to God?3)

Shall I answer?

No. Read closely the question, and your path will be clear.

But what about authority?

It is conferred. With this want you can easily express your will, without issue.

Okay. Teach me something new.

I have nothing to teach you.

I test him with Hexagram of Mercury - he disappears. The temple is suddenly deserted. There is an old hag (man, elder?4)) clad in green passing by a corridor.

Where did everybody go?
Nowhere. They are all still here. Look closely to the walls - there is writing on them, and they live in thm. Here is the mystery of writing - it gives life to everything.

What shall I do now?

Use the Wand, restore life to their stories, make change in the Archetypes as thou wilt. That is out power, and the strength of us youthful.

Who are you?

I am Rezael (…)

[we argue for a while, time passes]

I tap the wand on the wall in the Temple, and the lettering (which looks like Enochian, or Greek) lights up with brilliant light, and ghostly figures appear. I approach Hermes, and test again, as he is now wearing golden armor. It shines brightly as it accepts the test.

Now then, MdM, right?
Yes. I see you have the Sword and the Wand. And yet you lack the Cup and the Pentacle. Why is that?

I have neglected them.

Yes. You will receive them from me, but they must be charged by Luna and Aphrodite before they can function correctly.5)

Do you have anything to teach me?

No and Yes. Yes and No. [he goes on a rant about how little I practice - nothing groundbreaking there]

Alright. What can you tell me about Raziel?

He's your Angel.

I doubt it. [the following line was continuous, as if he had taken my arm altogether - only later did I separate these two sentences]

But in due time he will prove himself to thee, o God.


I take over thy hand in time. And thus divine verses are brought about this paper, and without trouble thou understandeth what I am saying.



1) meaning shiny
2) Rather significant: for some reason there is a space between “quest” and “ion”.
3) Originally I thought this meant “What does God care for Man”, however looking close this might not be the case; More like, “What is the import of Man becoming God”.
4) I was unable to tell at the time.
5) I am given a cup and pentacle of shining light.
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