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Yellow world, golden trees, I see Eris caressing apples near one of the trees, as if enjoying just touching them. She has a brown girld on her head (leather?) with diamonds set in it. 4 diamonds, all in all.

I see the Fool again. He seems utterly insane this time, much like Homer Simpson1).
He replies unintelligently. I approach Eris

Who are you?
I am she who spreads discord.

The nefesh?


How did you get here?

By your own weakness. Fool!

I test her w/ invoking pentagram of Air.
She becomes sort of green, and takes the form of the Evil Witch from the Wizard of OZ.

You will regret this, young fellow!

Sure I will. Begone, you do not belong here!

She disappears in white/grey smoke.
The Fool then becomes as sculpted Gold, bright, and a muscular man of perfect Greek beauty.

Thank you, traveler, for freeing me of her bonds. In thanks, have my sword, and use it in the name Elohim Tzabaoth2) to do good in your aspiration.

How do I know you aren't tricking me?

Thusly - he traces the Invoking pentagram of Air, and shines even brighter.

Glorious. Do you perchance have anything that would assist me?

Yes. Heed your words - a fool is liked only by those who understand him well.

What is your relationship with Nubtiaida?

I am his slave and servant, thus forever free.

Is he the HGA?

Yes, for all practical purposes, he is, until you attain proper Samadhi.

What do you mean, exactly?

He's mad & bad. But my time is up. Check on the girl friend you have.



1) For some reason this made sense at the time.
2) God-name of Hod. ALHIM TzBAVTh.
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