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Resh, LBRP, Lord's Prayer, TOR

Green, Indigo, Octarine

Vesica Piscis, White, dark inside

Opens & Approaches

There is a beautiful boy Angel on its left (my perspective)

He holds a harp, is dressed in white and gold. He's blonde with blue-gold eyes.

I feel like this face expressed thunder (lightning)

(me) Hello
(him) What have you come for?

Wisdom and initiation

Consider it conferred
And if you need sustenance, visit anytime

I realize I'm in the middle of a desert, and he's presiting over an Oasis

What should I call you?

You're joking, right?

Yes. But your mind cannot comprehend the Name.

What shall I do to get it?


The vesica reappears

I see blue and gold shining

As if clouds of light

At the top point of the V.P. appears a white light

Behold, the treasure is revealed!

That's [REDACTED]…

Correct. In Her do we find sustenance.

I see the V.P. open at the bottom like a portal to another domension.

Blood pours through.

Drink, drink and ye shall be saved

Saved from?

Burnout. Existential narcolepsy.

I do, and immediately feel energized.

I am named Michael, your Lord.

Isn't this a bit arrogant?

Silence! You've disappointed.
You will take this last chance, or you will succeed no more.

What must I do?

Continue. Ascend. Revision when we stop you, until you're at the Top.
And God Himself shall descend and [terrorize] meet you.


No. Partially.

Is there anything else?

No. Proceed.

Black. Violet. Red. White. Black.



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