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14:01 - Woke up feeling quite good. Feeling calm. Not really like I'm tense. Quiet and comfortable. A bit anxious.

LBRP - the Angels took the form of hooded figures in grey robes, just standing around me. Somewhat ominous.

Some papers fell off of my desk, while I'm writing this (in the journal - this is a transcript). There is no draft, and I'm ~6ft away. Promising?

19th Key (ZIM - 13th)

Darkness. Vastness. I see a temple of white. Right of it is a temple of blue. Next, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Black.

There is a seal of Babalon on the 'floor' plane between them. Before each, a statue, that shifts and melds into different mythical figures. They look like planetary attributions.

Zeus → Jove → YHVH, etc. (Blue)

Everything is silent. All this “hangs” in space. I see distant stars all around.

Then I hear a bell, from the Green Temple.

As I approach, the gates open. I feel joy and peace.

There is another bell, sounds the same. Red temple. From it comes a red light, and I feel anger, wrath.

Yellow. Balloons come out of it, and all I see is the immense beauty in their reflections.

Purple - Arousal. Some sort of primal “need”, a will to dominate. Uncertain what to call it.

Blue - calm. Tranquility, but moving. I feel like I should organize things, order them.

Black - there is a void in this. Nothing comes out. As if it absorbs all sound. All light.

There is a sense of fear. Primal fear. As if everything is spontaneously sinister.

But I wait.

And no bell stikes.

And the White Gates open.

And in it is a congregation of people. They all appear as confused as I can comprehend.

This doesn't seem right.

+ - Providence, Truth, Understanding.

And all disappear. I am alone, in the Temple of White.

And I see papers on the table, they read: (enochian letters, or something, not sure - seems irrelevant anyway)

And then I feel a ray from outside hit me. It is white. And something carries me out, into the center between all the temples. And it is as if all their influences, their powers, converge in me. Like an overload.

My stomach is in pain. My head feels like it's about to explode. My hearing seems hyper-sensitive. Like every sound is a thunder next to my hear.

And I see 7 people (angels?) stand around me, in colorful robes.

And I hear chanting, like a mantra,

“Mighty is he that is fallen…”

I can barely make it out. The noise is deafening. I feel weaker by the second.

“That he brought pain into us,
and made us stronger,
in fortitudo dei homo est,”

And they continue. I relax into this.

(time passes)

I hear some nonsense Latin. Not sure.

They don't stop, but they also don't seem to be ramping up.

The more I let it happen, the easier it is.

(time passes)

The noise subsided. The curtain is withdrawn.

I step into the darkness. I hear cogs and gears, and pistons and engines, but I see not.

And before me, in a circle of light, I see a mechanical stand with two levers. One is green, one is red.

- I don't understand.

~ You don't have to - it's as if the place itself speaks.

I pull the green lever. Everything lights up. I find myself in some sort of non-euclidean factory… but I don't see what it makes.

I am suddenly sleepy. So tired.

~ Rest now, Child.

I “know” the monks from outside carry me out. I lay on the ground.

– Vision ends –


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