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00:55 – XXV (333)


Tunnel. Bright sky blue. Starry. Flecked w/ pink.

Golden light in centre. Figure of gentle lavender light. Beautiful like a fairy.

I am called MADRIAX.

Who are you?

Your Guide and End.

For why?

You've been slacking.

I did study hypnosis

Let me take you deeper then

[body goes limp, I see faint images of an inner world, and transformations, as I slowly go out of trance]

What now?
The light will burn brighter. (seemingly referring to a candle on the table)

Please show me.

Well, so far it isn't. Why? (it didn't do anything)

Because you're not in trance anymore.

How kan I keep myself in trance?

You can't.

Fucking show me.

Not now.

Well fuck off.


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