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17-02-2013 00:11 XXV – Hit me fairly hard.
Opening with XXV + V
Reading LXV, in asana, slightly cold.

  • 1 – Energy or dopamine surge.
  • 3 – I am becoming warmer and warmer.1)
  • 7 – Vision of a small black snake with venomous fangs being coiled around my heart.
  • 9 – The snake becomes a lizard.
  • 12 – The heart becomes black, the lizard seems to become one with it.
  • 13 – Golden light appears about 3m above my head (In vision, not physically).
  • 14 – There seems to be a crystal core to the heart.2)
  • 16 – as 1, except more powerful, my vision is saturated, high-pitched tone in head.
  • 19 – as 16, surges grow in intensity.
  • 26 – One of the surges stops at the heights of my heart. Normally they rise from Root to Crown.
  • 28 – Vision of Descending red triangle with three lights shining on it’s corners: yellow on the left,
  • green on the right, blue on the bottom angle.
  • 39 – Just noticed that my head keeps turning itself skywards, and I find it difficult to read.

Finished. As before, eyes tearing up, my hands are still cold, even though I don’t feel them as such.
Closed with XXV.

Starting from the solar plexus and radiating from there.
I think it was very light blue, almost white
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