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This is not necessarily magick, but it's my record of how the thing works, for further investigation later on in the future.

18:35 – 75mg1). Bitter as fuck. Getting something to chew on to kill the taste. Almonds.

18:46 – No effect. Coughing my lungs out2).

18:53 – Involuntary muscle spasms (very slight) in right arm.

18:57 – They persist. Seemingly getting stronger.

19:00 – Still. They seem to have plateaued.

19:07 – Short spasm in left leg, just above knee. Coughing much rarer,

19:09 – My awareness (sight) seems to be very slightly tunneled, as if I was drunk.

19:10 – Still coughing.

19:12 – 1/4th glass of water.

19:18 – Headache building. Might be hunger? Still coughing.

19:20 – Sandwich w/ ham & pickled cucumber.

19:37 – II seem to be much more visually oriented now. I forget to blink. Also slight dizziness, a sense of presence.

19:41 – Loss of sense of balance, sense of my eyes being dry, feet tingling, I seem to blink once in 2-4 seconds.

19:43 – Slight CEV's. A certain pressure in my head. Hearing very sensitive to volume.

19:46 – Cannot walk in a straight line.

19:49 – Increased dizziness, muscles in right arm still twitching.

19:51 – I get easily distracted. This seems to be the perfect mindstate for artistic/ shamanic work.

19:52 – As I write this, I find myself losing control over the small movements of my muscles. Also I gripped the pen stronger. Relaxing helps.

19:54 – Computer screen extremely bright. Light sensitivity extremely high.

19:57 – Face muscles – left brow hurts.

20:07 – Muscle spasms coming back. They stopped somewhere along the way. My vision is pretty damn limited. My left eye has significantly better vision. I feel as if my head is made of cotton.

20:20 – Gag reflex in overdrive. Saliva rather thick. For a moment I felt the Sahasrara very, very distinctly.

20:24 – Right side of my face feels sort of occluded.

20:49 – Jaw starting to tense up.

20:53 – Biting my tongue results in normal sensations. I think I'm coming down slowly.

21:05 – Teeth grinding.

21:32 – Most effect subsiding, sight still affected, as is walking – my legs feel like they're really, really light.

21:50 – Face starts returning to proper tension. My Solar Plexus feels unpleasant.

22:00 – Right hand goes numb for a few minutes.

22:11 – Face looks perfectly fine in mirror. Having dinner (pasta a'la bolognaise)

22:22 – Ate. Coughing goes back to normal it seems. I still feel slightly dissociated.

And this is all for now. Going to sleep as convenience allows.

I weigh just above 50 kg
I am sick as I write this
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