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23:58 LBRP (enhanced), 19th

(Right) Large pressure in my head. Yellow, red inside, then black. And left, an eye in a triangle.

Staring, Gazing.

- What are you?

It blinks. Nothing.


It passes, but doesn't change.

The triangle unfolds. Each triangle has an eye. This wall of eyes stares. As if waiting for something.

I hear each of my thoughts reflected unto me by it.

“Fall silent”

I do. All those thoughts become a column in my chest. Can't write. Too noisy.

(time passes - I sit in silence)

Eventually one of the eyes gives in and develops a mouth.

T - What would you have me say?

- What are you?

T - The Watchers.

- What do you do?

T - Observe and witness.

- What for?

T - To prevent those who may be lost from moving forward.

- What would you have me do?

T - Stop. But you won't. We know ye.

- How?

He points at the 8-star. I look at it, and each triangular surface has an eye.

T - We are everywhere.

- Of what utility is this to me?

T - Magick. You bound us. Do what Thou wilt.

- Who does “Thou” refer to?

T - “You”. But which “you” is a mystery.

- What am I to do here.

T - Live and prosper - for WE are Providence.

- Elaborate.

T - The shards of God, that which Christened the ancients, and formed the Throne Empty, to give drive and purpose to those who would rather die trying than settle hell.

- I see. What am I to learn here?

T - Of your own origins.

- Show me.

I see Eden. I've a wife and kids. I speak an unintelligible language.

Then there is an explosion. I have wings. I escape, alone, with no guilt for leaving others.

There is a planet. I settle it. Looks like Mars (?). I shape matter. I create bodies, and my wife and kids incarnate.

I realize we're all “Watchers”. But incarnate.

- What are angels?

T - Our servants. For a different species cannot rule well. Spirits attracted, mingled and enhanced.

- What am I?

T - Outside [the hierarchy]

T - Grow and maintain the Throne. In True Faith, there is but One Joke.

I feel like laughing, though I don't understand.

I am only half in the aethyr (vision), yet I feel the eyes all over my apartment. As if everything is very, very alive.


T - Go now, and explore.


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