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 You will fist notice the Eye in the Triangle, which emits 12 rays. This is symbolic of the Magister Templi, who has attained to God-hood. There is wisdom, and it oversees the rest of the Work.

The shield is Green and has a Sun with Red rays, with a brown (neutral between green and red) Cross and Face. You can see the different polarities between the Sun and Cross - the Cross clearly focuses on the inward, whereas the Sun explodes with outwards power. This is one practical application of the Rosy Cross. The Ram and Lady Justice are symbolic of Aries and Libra, which are the two active Cardinal (springing from Naught) signs of Fire and Air. Thus we have pure, violent force balanced by the receptive, spinning, and actively balancing power of intellect.

You will also notice that the central design is suggestive of the Vesica Piscis, which is quite important (Middle Pillar right there), given the placement of the Ram and Justice as the Two Pillars of active initiation.

Notice also that they are standing on what seems to be a podium. A foundation on which the remaining elements are raised. Further, one could lay claim that therefore the bottom ribbon stands for Malkuth and the Veil of Nephesh, whereas the top one represents the negative veils.

Also interesting is the placement of the word Θέλημα, which is Will, since Iesod - the Foundation is attributed to the Muladhara cakkra, and by extension the D.

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