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White. Lavender tint. Yellow. Star. In space. Asteroids, like a belt. Stretches around a brown planet. Mars/ Saturn?

Saturn. I see the hexagon on the pole. I see silvery angels around me. They carry a platinum crown, with 6 gems. Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow one, Ruby, Diamond.

I am in an invisible throne room. I know where things are, but I cannot see.

“Kneel” I hear. I see a congregation of old-timey King figures, in rich and beautiful garments and robes, and a hooded figure in a grey-purple robe standing behind them.

I kneel, and my body freezes. I feel a sword touch my left, then right shoulder, twice each.

Then I feel the crown.

“Stand up!” I do, and am presented with a beautiful sword made of silver, with a golden hilt and rubies and gems set in it. The pommel is a crescent of silver, pointing outwards.

- Thank you graciously, but what is this?

The kings are silent. The Magus speaks. But I hear not. A peace comes about. Ringing in my ears.

I feel the Serpent rising, as if my body is burning from within. There is almost a shrieking sound.

(Time passes)

Eventually I regain focus. The Magus is reciting some sort of mantra.

Filled with joy.

He sees that I am returned but doesn't stop. The hall shakes with each word, yet he only whispers.

One by one, the Kings join in. There are 12. They sing of birth, death, and rebirth before death, and I'm in the middle.

I feel serene deep inside, but on the outside I am undone. Each verse, though unintelligible, pierces through my being, like shards of ice which melt and suck away poison.


And the Magus approaches and removes my heart, and the blood stains his hands, and he squeezes it over a chalice, and the Kings drink but a little, and he gives me the chalice, and It tastes like honey.

And he reaches out for the heart again, yet the heart is as of gold, or a golden crystal, and he places it back, a ruby in its center (core).

M - Go now, and fare thee well.

– Vision ends –


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