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1:21 - First, ZAA

Green/blue, am at sea. There is a feeling of cleanness. An orange orb hangs before me, and it gives off yellow rays. It has a green center, and from it springs Ma'at & a Ram. They take me by my arms & bind me to a large shield. Then I perceive Jesus/ Lucifer descend down from above & he says:

In Justive have Thou been slain again & again. Reborn have Thou been countless ages, and in Thy splendor & Victory have thou persevered. As such, I constitute Thee reformed & ready to partake of our daily rituals.

What does that mean?

Let the pen run - understanding will come when Thou perceive everything at once.

Astral sensorium?

Yes, but also more. Let Thine Pentacle be Thus: [red.] And around it the Wheel of Stars & the One = 0.

Anything else I should learn here?

Go through S. My work is done.

I then See that I am free & see S. before me. She now looks like a young cheerful woman of dark skin, and she's all too eager to get physical. But I give in and she literally melts into me rapidly. [I then feel the serpent uncoil rapidly - I am hot, sweaty, breathing becomes more difficult 1). It seems my candle flickers unnaturally.]

Can I visit you at Night?

Sure, as long as I get to grow and partake of Initiation.

You will.

It's a deal then.

She then resonates again w/ my Vissudhi cakkra and somehow gets absorbed into it.

Green flash, back in body.
1:37 - XXV

this in a matter of a split-second
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