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This actually happened just around 1AM on the 11th. Not 10th, because I had a massive migraine, and took some DPH for it. I slept for over 20 hours on the 10th.


Simplified WT, 19th, etc.

Treason - the word appears. Beltzega - Another. Ieoyzad - another.

- What does this mean?

And I hear a distant voice – “decode it”

Treason = 395

Beltzega = 136

Ieoyzad = 33

- I don't know what this means.

~ Treason is the highest virtue.

I doubt, project the Holy Names, binding the (nose suddenly becomes very runny at this point) aethyr space

- Speak the truth

~ Loyalty to the end

- Yet…

~ Only when prudent.

- How so?

~ Consistency is the bane of reason.

- Who are you?

Before me appears from the shadows a very slim figure with large eyes and very long fingers.

~ I am Him.

- Who?

~ HIM. That's the name itself?

- Is that a pun?

~ A divine one.

- Good. Show me the truth of this aethyr.

And I see War. And War. And War. And every time the creatures here in the outskirts thought it safe, they were wrong.

- Is there any purpose to me being here?

~ You tell me.


~ Embracing the Messian, huh?

- Even if it's just in my head… why not? It's not gay or anything.

He laughs.

~ No. Of course not. We wouldn't want the snake and serpent coiling in unison, though.

- Oh. Is this good enough?

~ Yes. Go up. You're tired.

- Before I go…



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