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- COme thou forth, and speak truth unto me, and let there be no part omitted. (+)

He's silent.

- What's the matter?

He points and I see a beautiful sunrise over a savannah, and buildings in the distance.

This place was underwater before.

- Let us move to water then. (Pent. Water)

- Speak then.

M - What wouldst thou know?

- What's relevant to my understanding.

M - Silence, therefore, and suffering.

The waters of torment are called such for their loss. It is pain. There is no joy when existence is suffering.

- Say you so? Fool. An angel at the gallows of causality?

- Come, and let's restore thy joy.

[Redacted - basically binding the entire space]

M - Thank you.

- Sure. Couldn't you do that yourself?

M - Yes. Yet I was blinded and scared, and the loss scarred me.

- Are you ok?

M - Yes.

- Can you solve your own problems from now on?

M - Absolutely.

- Good. Can you do me a favor?

M - Yes. Bind me that I may serve in joy.


M - Thank you.

He disappears. There is a flock of giants, with scales, but not lizard-like, who move in the distance. They seem calm, exploring the new environment.

[inv. Raphael]

R - Didn't take you too long, did it?

- Nope.

R - You must be careful. Danger is afoot. When binding spirits, use the Black Cross - naught else will do.

- The four names?

R - They only imply the black cross. Use this.


- Do you think I can skip aethyrs?

R - No. Take your time, this is no race. I understand you're scared of boredom, but you must take this lesson. You're doing well, but impatience will be your undoing.

- Understood. What then?

R - More?

- I'm tired.

R - So you are.

- Look man, I'm resting. What do you want me to do?

R - Push harder?

- In what direction?

R - Up.

I look up, and see thousands of birds eclipsing the sun.

R - Elementals.

- How do you identify them?

R - I brought them here. Rectify them, then you're free to go.


The birds fall out of the sky as if dead. They then glow, and float up into the air, now being orderly and good.

R - Good job.

- Really?

R - No. That was basic. I wanted you to humor me.

- I'm confused.

R - So you are. Farewell.


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