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Note from whenever

It seems that upon reaching Iesod all formalized systems of mapping reality fail.

There is no exception. The aspirant who has reached Iesod is left entirely on his own with regards to his inner alchemy. His cosmos is beyond criticism, because his cultural wealth is necessarily unique.

The only common points we share as Stars is the space we occupy in Malkuth, and our interactions in mind.

Thus we can only ever know God, and therefore he is dead.

What follows Iesod is complete derealization and madness, or an immersion in Binah, which is attained through complete understanding of ones circumstances in Life.

Only then can the Three Questions be answered: - Where do I come from? - Where am I going? - Who am I?

These questions in turn correspond to the three sephiroth, 3, 2, 1.


5=6 - Cancellarius - To Record 6=5 - Imperator - To Command 7=4 - Praemonstrator - To Instruct

Motta's correspondences between A.'.A.'. and O.T.O.

O.T.O. A.'.A.'.
I° & II° 0 = 0
III° 1 = 10
2 = 9
IV° 3 = 8
4 = 7
VI° 5 = 6 Without
VII° 5 = 6 Within
VIII° 6 = 5
IX° 7 = 4
XI° 8 = 3

Attributions to YHShVH

Pentagrammaton Yod He Shin Vav He f.
Elemental attributions Fire Water Spirit Air Earth
Powers of the Sphinx Dare Keep Silence Go Know Will
4L Liberty1) Love Light Life
4P Power Passion Perception Putrefaction
4D Destiny Debauch Darkness Death
Vision of Universal Mercury Mercurius de Mercurio Per Viam Lucis Deus te Adjutabitur! Christus de Christo Per Vitam Crucis
Thelemic Forms2) Hadit Babalon Ra-Hoor-Khuit Nuit Θηρίον
Signs of NOX3) Puer Mulier I.R. Puella Vir
Tarot Atu 4) Hermit Star Aeon Hierophant Star

1) I decided on this based on the fact that Will has to have potential to manifest, and Liberty is precisely that; the potential to express Will. Also this connects very nicely with IHI AVR, or “Let there be Light”.
2) These come from the Star Ruby, save for RHK.
3) Not entirely sure about this, but elementally they fit very well, so this is something to consider also.
4) By letter – it seems relevant that this seems to be a self-regenerating formula, when we consider the periods of Speech and Silence as the Hierophant and the Hermit respectively.

Pentagram attributions

Top Left Right Bottom Left Bottom Right
G.'.D.'. Spirit Air Water Earth Fire
PLanetary according to DRJ Jupiter Mercury Mars Venus Sun


Hebrew Gematria

NOX as Nun-Ayin-Tzaddi = 210 = Nephilim [HB] = ARACh (Achatha Ruach Alhim Chayyim [not sure is correct spelling], One is the Spirit of the Living God) = Spirit [ EQ ], which may (or may not) indicate Neshamah. Also, IS [Greek], being Strength, and LINON, which is linen. Fun how that plays with the function of the Robe.

English Qabalah

NOX in English Qabalah = 727 = Heru-Pa-Kraath. Makes some sense compared to PAN (who would be related to Ra-Hoor-Khuit).

Greek Qabalah

ΝΟΞ = 910

Greek Translation Factors
Απειθεω I don't comply 2x5x7x13
Διαμενω I Remain1) 2x5x7x13
Διανεμω I Divide 2x5x7x13
Δωρεα Gifts 2x5x7x13

Also of some note:
βαρβέλο = 210
Βαρβέλω = 960


The Pæan is fairly straightforward. Pan is, simply put, the Greek god of fertility. There is much to be said about him, and the Night of Pan, as well as the mythos which surrounds him – research into the matter will reveal another side to the simple analysis offered here.

IΩ ΠΑΝ = 810 + 131 = 941 = ΜΑΧΛΟΣ, which is lustfulness.
ΙΩ = 810 = ΦΙΛΟΣ = ΚΥΠΡΙΣ, who is Cypris, a name of Aphrodite.

Now, in a less strict context, we can approach IO as a simple formula. If we break it down to Yod and Ayin, we suddenly find that the TARO is very clear about it. From Yod, we get the Hand, and from the image of Ayin we get the Phallus. Thus, we get a rather crude formula of male masturbation.

We can break ΠΑΝ into Pe, Aleph and Nun, which is the Tower, the Fool, and Death. This is the reverse of an inverted (backwards to forwards) IAO formula. To put this into some context, let us consider the formula of IAO as Isis-Apophis-Osiris. First, there is the joy of life, which is soon overcome by chaos, succeeded by complete overthrowing of the status quo.

If we take this backwards, we get the formula of OAI, which can be thought of as a reversal of the process taking place within IAO. So we're starting with the end product, who is Osiris risen, and we witness him losing his divinity, as he becomes Typhon. Once this chaos relaxes, however, he is no longer Osiris, as he has come back to the root of his being, Isis.

Now, if we take ΠΑΝ, we are first experiencing utter destruction and destabilization, followed by our own birth, and the rising of the serpent. At this stage, it is only symbolic – the real work of this part is done with Liber Reguli. It is interesting to note however, that death is strongly connected with the number 451, and Osiris is found crossing the Abyss, and becoming Isis.

So we're not working with just the idea of death, but that of a reversal of time and evolutionary processes (in this case, associated with the Fall from Grace). This plays nicely with the previously mentioned „lifting” of Tiphareth back to it's original place.

Kapala (from AUMGN)

“In the Mind”, it would seem. I came across this while reseraching the origins of Qabbalah.
Seems to have something to do with doors or gateways. The rituals are intense.
The knowledge is well hidden. Maybe for a good reason.

Enochian starter info (from trippyBastard)

Anyway, what would you suggest for a starter in Enochian proper?

Tyson's book actually outlines the material and the problems it presents rather well. DRJ says that if Tyson's take on it scares you away, that's probably for the best.

I agree with Tyson's take, by the way. I just thought it was a bit too sensationalized.

The best presentation of the material is probably in Turner's, Elizabethan Magic, sadly out of print.

The Golden Dawn approach to practical work is now out of favor, perhaps for the best, but it doesn't look like there is much out there to replace it.

For a nice tour of the aethyrs, 418 of course. My favorite exercise is to read 418 one aethyr per day for 30 days, while keeping a journal noting any dreams, thoughts, &c. You cannot stop, of course. You are almost certainly going to find something interesting and that gives you a place to start.

VIII° OTO [synopsis]

  • Formulate your telos, background it. begin sexual stimulation. At orgasm:
    • (males) the telos should overwhelm your mind;
      • the semen can either be consumed (eaten) or
      • used to charge a prepared talisman (which, needless to say, should also express your telos).
    • (females) with each orgasm the telos should overwhelm your mind;
      • as the orgasm recedes background again (repeat until done).
      • the vaginal fluids can be treated in the same fashion as the semen (see above).

Memory (Crowley)

“This is another reason for sneering but not the one I sneered for. The question had arisen in my mind as to how many links of memory were possible, or at least, what was the record. I see that a great many of my own arguments depend, first of all, upon memory, and I see very clearly indeed that the failure of humanity to recognize my greatness depends very largely on the physiological fact that the average memory fails to retain more than about one tenth of what mine does. Hence, all my allusions fall flat and the chain of reasoning which I propose breaks down in their opinion when it gets beyond a certain number of links. […] It is very silly of me to keep on pointing out that every step is simple. Of course it is: every step always is. What is baffling these people is the actual number of steps: anything more than five gives them a pain in the old place.”

Crowley, diary entry 05/30/1923 e.v.

The Tantric BDSM Format:

Bondage increases sensory awareness & sensitivity through the use of “asana” and
“Pratyahara” which means more energy can be harnessed & generated. The sexual energy
generated is extremely potent. The mind becomes extremely focused through “Dharana”
& enters an altered state/trance or subspace with similar aspects of “Samyama” which
can help with trance work, astral work, spirit communication & ones clairvoyant ability.
Energy becomes more tangible & is able to be directed more clearly.
The delay or with holding of orgasm brings on altered states & helps generate a lot of
energy. In addition surrendering orgasm control sets up the psychological link, placing
the priestess in a reactionary state. She actively listens for the direction of the Magician,
seeking his Will. The longer this is done the more energy generated & the more effective
the magick will be.

Crowley's Bio in short (from K)

grow up in Plymouth Brethren
rich. Like….LOADED.
really sheltered, besides, you're not spending all that fat cash if you're in the Brethren.
hit those 'awkward' years.
fucks (gets fucked by?) his male tutor.
nails the maid.
mom and dad get PISSED.
parents think that's going to straighten his shit out.
discovers drugs, prostitutes, and the Golden Dawn.
Meets Bennet. They rise in the Grades. Crowley starts climbing mountains pro (he enjoyed it as a boy).
Golden Dawn blocks his initiation. He gets buttmad.
Jacks the Paris lodge; takes his grade material, takes their rituals.
Holiday in Mexico. Peyote and 'shrooms. Gets 33rd Scotch Rite.
Marries Rose
Off to China; India; Egypt; Back through China. Book of the Law is delivered. Jezebel was born and dies.
Meets Bennet in India, pieces start to come together.
Gets home. Publishes Equinox. Includes those G.'.D.'. papers.
Mathers looses spaghetti.
Lawlsuit. Crowley spanks Mathers in court (makes him look like a raving lunatic).
Keeps publishing Equinox.
Holiday in Morocco.
“Bring ol' Vic.”
And some Peyote.
And some male sex slaves.
Perform the Enochian work.
Vision and Voice
Cross Abyss
Get's back home, accrues more followers.
Rites of Eleusis. Height of popularity.
Meets Reuss; get's IXth OTO and command of English speaking territories.
Goes to 'Murrikuh to help spread the word.
Travels all over, laying the seeds for modern OTO. Achad is accepted as a Master of the Temple.
Crowley goes home; not well liked so much these days. Rode out WWI stateside. Ends up packing to Paris, and then, for a loooong time, the Abbey at Cephalu Sicily.
This lays the seedwork for the modern A.'.A.'.
Broke as shit. Learned 10 languages. Just kind of drifts for about 8 years or so. Fakes his own death for shits and giggles. Gets fat. Publishes some more respectable books.
Reuss dies, he takes over the OTO by force. FS accepts the Law of Thelema. Paragranus says “Fuck off” to Crowley, and keeps the Reuss rite of the OTO.
WWII is gearing up.
He's gettin' old.
Moves into Netherwood. Contrary to myth, it wasn't a one room hole, but an apartment in and of itself in an older mansion. It was better than a modern old folks home. Thin “hospice”.
Keeps slamming junk.
Zero fucks given.
Meets Kenneth Grant.
Huffs ether with the poor boy; they encounter something similar to Lam. Crowley gives the boy Lam's drawing. Grant starts worshiping it.
Publishes book of Thoth. Last real work.
Lives like a cranky old man. Plays chess. Reads. Writes. Holds the OTO together, barely.
Dies with rooms full of books, scraps, diaries, and a chest with a few thousand pounds, his personal stash.

Of course, this glosses over his work as an intelligence agent with Dion Fortue, the encounter with Spare early on, the magickal war between Mathers and Crowley, the Loch Ness house (Boleskine) and Abramelin….also the time he pulled a gun on his climbing partners at….Kangchenjunga, or his Everest climb, or the time he shot that Hindi dude who was robbing him. Dude did a lot. And unlike other charlatans like him, there's record to back it all up.

Something of import?

The most celebrated of the Babylonians, together with Ostanes and Zoroaster, very properly call the starry Spheres “Herds”; whether because these alone among corporeal magnitudes, are perfectly carried about around a Centre, or in conformity to the Oracles, because they are considered by them as in a certain respect the bonds and collectors of physical reasons, which they likewise call in their sacred discourse “Herds” (agelous) and by the insertion of a gamma (aggelous) Angels. Wherefore the Stars which preside over each of these herds are considered to be Deities or Dæmons, similar to the Angels, and are called Archangels; and they are seven in number.

How to Read Crowley

Crowley's idea of making something clear, is to first remove any direct expression of the topic. Second, make as many obscure allusions as you can which only are only related by being vaguely analogous to the main topic, which shall never be named. Then replace key words with numbers or vaguely related symbols. Finally pepper the paragraph with snide remarks and witty allusions to your how clever you are, and don't forget to claim that what you meant is one of the more literal meanings of the text, when what you really wanted to express, was the unexpressed secret meaning.

Then latter in an unrelated book, make an allusion to the secret meaning, in an derogatory way towards those inferior minds who haven't figured it all out yet.


On Magistry

5=6 is K&C. 7=4 is an Exemptus, free from the wheel of Samsara. His goal is to Cross the Abyss and forge a link to 8=3. A lot of people feel that this link comes from those dwelling in the “City of Pyramids” who've founded…things, lines, great modes of thought. It's implied all over 333. It's a good book.

Babe of the Abyss implies some form of ego death, but not Nirvana because you walk back down the mountain to instruct. It has to be Samadhi. Constant delves into Samadhi. One could THEORETICALLY according to some LHP (read: Saivism), implies that one's ego can excrete into such a powerful extant spiritual entity that it functions more or less with complete autonomy. Crowley himself implies this all the times that he INSISTS that V.V.V.V.V. was someone external to him.

Further conjecture can be found in the Sapphire Tablet of Set.

“If you read these passages carefully [referring to one star in sight], you will see the paradox inherent in them. To become an (8)=[3], a (7)=[4] must destroy his capacity for logical thought, i.e. his ability to draw inductive or deductive conclusions from phenomena of the material universe. Since it is just this capacity that is the essential characteristic of the Self [“Cogito ergo sum”, if you will], the (7)=[4] is in effect invited to obliterate what it is that makes him a unique entity. Theoretically he is “reconstituted by the gods in a perfect form” - an ideal “self”. Herein lies the heart of the paradox, which is also the central theme of Genesis III. It is that an independent Will, capable of perceiving itself in contrast to the material Universe, cannot be a product of forces germane to that Universe. The freedom of the Will necessitates the ability of the Will to move both with and against Universal patterns [i.e. “laws”]. The Will is self-creating, self-sustaining, and self-improving. This is the basis for the Formula of the Aeon of Set XXX.”

What Aquino doesn’t seem to realize, however, is that it is this reconstitution that IS the goal. It is YET ANOTHER experience that is integrated. Samadhi is impermanent, and as such the Ego must come out of it STRONGER after being subjected to near death, or a death like state. Quote I. Regardie w/r/t Ego inflation and Magick (in a letter to Aquino.):

“…Magick, generally speaking, still does not recognize the ego-inflationary aspect of its own system - which is why there are so many casualties….Achad, theoretically, was educated in the notion of “destroying the ego” by crossing the Abyss, (so called) but it did not save him from inflationary activities of the ego such as asserting the equivalence of his own grade of Neophyte 1=10 with the supernal grade of Ipsissimus 10=1.This is asinine from the ordinary point of view and doesn't make sense….the every process of Magick puffs up the ego. This may be desirable up to a certain point….”

These Ego inflations are commonplace, and often disastrous. Look at Ken Grant. The key here is to have something, something WORKABLE and EFFICACIOUS, and dare I say something with BROAD APPEAL to empty oneself into. Thereby one establishes a star, or constellation, even better, in the sky of Jupiter, WHICH IS EXPANSION ITSELF.

Crossing the Abyss, and being able to actually DEVOTE oneself to this task (and thereby attain it. Just being able to identify this concept does nothing to actually accomplish it.) is where the Ego is extinguished for the last time; the total immersion, into a method of FORM - the BABALON function. The Magi become ‘Christlike’ in the process of becoming a Magister Templi, if only in the idea that one is about to found a school of philosophical thought.

What Aquino either fails to realize, or conceals from initiates, is the concept of the Magister Templi becoming its OWN EXTANT ENTITY, much as VVVVV became for Crowley. The Self as a Magister Templi is (Quoted from the Sapphire Tablet) INDEPENDANT:

“Look at it this way: The Magister Templi is one who can perceive and comprehend the entire material Universe. In order to do this, there must be no part of him which is an accessory of that same Universe. He - his Will - must be independent / separate / distinct. This necessitates an extremely strong presence of mind, an ego that is sufficiently reinforced by itself not to require “crutches” from the material Universe, and a determination to fight off the panic that could result from the sensation of being utterly alone. The Magister Templi, if he is truly entitled to that degree, possesses the abilities necessary to thwart those dangers. Those who presume to that degree without understanding them or the severe mental pressures they can cause, do in fact suffer the fate that Crowley prescribes: they either die or lose their sanity.”

This sort of independent nature seems to be a deep seated implication in Crowley’s works as well, most concealed to the profane in his insistence that VVVVV was exterior to himself. Essentially, it seems that the Will of a Magister Templi, having crossed the Abyss, is torn away and made exemplified, also implying that the exemption of an Adept is in part the release of that Will as an HGA unto itself. This is what happens in the moment in the Abyss when the Adept is truly ‘alone’. Without the HGA, who waits on the other side of the Veil in the City of Pyramids, or the Ego complex, which is torn away and also waits in the City of Pyramids, the Adept’s only hope is to be swept up by BABALON, which perhaps is a vision of the Order or school the Adept is to form.

This becomes very interesting in terms of ‘paths’ (Left or Right) and certain methods of magick meant to make the human form immortal, like LaVey’s or the Book of Coming forth by Dawn. If the latter is to be understood correctly, it is a method by which the Magi can ‘program’ his ego complex into reality after or just prior to ‘death‘.

I usually don't just show people my records.

–Fr. K.


On systems

Something I have been pondering for quite a while on (from my record):

The problem with the occult as a whole is that all systems are all-encompassing. That is, whatever I can possibly discover is already there (described by the various systems). There is nothing new to discover.

Sure, we can make connections & correlations, however in the end we cannot possibly step outside of these boundaries as long as we are incarnated (I assume this is because of the constrictions of the material plane).

Hell, even the correlation Achad found was already in the letters - the biggest problem that I can perceive is that the Qabalah can be used to justify anything whatsoever when one just takes the time to do his research on any given number, or just substitutes his own meaning (yes, this is a valid approach).

There is little to prevent this sort of abuse, and I've seen far too much “proof” of attainment being laid out in terms of gematria to believe that it holds any water. Sure, at the lower level (Ruach and below), this makes sense, since it's an expression of the Chaos of Chokmah within the Womb of Binah.

Further, as the Exempt Adept is able to logically comprehend the Universe, the Magister cannot. The 8=3 perceives the Womb for the first time as a whole of disjointed & separate objects. Trying to make any sense of the world in this perpetual trance can only lead to madness, therefore the clause of treating everything as a play of God with ones Soul is necessary, as it allows one to stop analyzing, and instead trust God (in this case, 156) with ones everything.

Consequently, as the 8=3 perceives objects (and their movement on an individual basis - i.e. the Magister is still part of the Whole system), so does the 9=2 perceive the whole of the movement of all objects. He therefore must stand outside of the system which operates within the Womb of BABALON. Thus he is the Magus who can perform his Will fully, in perfect knowledge and precision.

Below that grade, I cannot possibly imagine anyone being able to “do their Will”.

The 5=6 only gets the Vision of God in Malkuth. The 6=5 perpetuates it, while the 7=4 loses it as the boundary between him and the Angel dissolves rapidly. The 8=3 then finds himself in a wholly different mindset, as THAT which is conscious within BABALON. Then by finding the exit from the Womb of the Great Mother, he is born as the Magus, and assumes his own life as the All-Father, without the boundaries of the Mother, and is free to do as he Will without any interference soever.

Prejudice in the community

For some time now, I have encountered the phenomenon of students being rejected because of their selected fields of study. Hermetic Qabalistist rejected from Alchemical studies, Thelemites from Hermetic groups, etc. For example, a friend of mine was just told, in no uncertain terms, that he'd have to stop studying Thelema and Qabalah if he was to be accepted as a student of Alchemy.

But the rejection factor alone isn't a problem in and of itself - obviously some are not fit for certain fields. However the underlying basis of it is rather troublesome, and rarely talked about in the occult community as such.

I have met many situations where the core of the issue wasn't as much with the aspiring student, but rather with the so-called “mentor” who offered his teachings. On the one hand, sure, I can see that some things may not be useful. If I wanted to become an Alchemist, I don't need to study Qabalah. On the other hand, there is nothing inherently wrong with studying anything else. Much to the contrary, due to the syncretic nature of the Great Work, it seems to me that not allowing any field of study is equal to being backstabbed by your own mentor.

One can see a perfect example of this in the Holy Tarot. It is the book of reference for those serious enough to study it in enough depth. Verily, it reconciles astrology, alchemy, Qabalah, philosophy, mythology, history, mathematics (geometry) and language into a coherent set of 78 cards with infinite meanings.

Certainly you will agree with me when I say that every card sheds light not only on the issues it directly deals with, but also on the various elements which make it up. For example, the 2 of Wands, The Lord of Dominion. For Two, we have Chokmah, which is Chaos. For astrology, we have Mars in Aries. For Wands, we have Fire. Thus we see that the card itself represents total, chaotic expansion straight into physical matter in a very war-like fashion.

In the same way, by just knowing the meaning of the card and two of the 4 symbols that make it up, we can interpolate between them and find what the meaning of the missing two is.

That is why I automatically distrust anyone who claims that one path is better than another, or that one should give up one field to study another. Esoteric Truth doesn't speak just one language. By following just one path, you will have a glimpse at Truth, yes. But only from one side. To attain fully, one needs to understand all paths, and the ways they relate to each-other. Only then can one really grab the Crystal and examine it closely, in order to define it's shape.

for an extended period of time
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