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The Occult Nature of Drugs

Drugs pop up a lot here, and often with some really specious assumptions (DMT opens the third eye, etc.).

Disclaimer: I do not recommend the acquisition and use of illicit materials. It's dangerous. Moreover, the use of said compounds is not requisite for attainment.

Now if you don't fucking care, we can continue. These various chemicals are not strictly speaking “occult” (though certain initiated preparations are). Generally what makes the use of them occult is the mysteries revealed therein, both of self and of Other. They have been used for millenea, even before domestication, and not just in the confines of “primitive” cultures; in all likelihood the Kyekon drink of the Eleusinian cult was some kind of ergot derived compound. Ergot, of course, contains ergotamines, the precursor to LSD. Cannabis was found as far back as 5000BCE among the affects of some kind of shaman or mystic in China. Soma could have been any number of compounds, from Orisa or A. muscaria mushrooms to some form of ephedra/cannabis admixture. Most likely, it was whatever the cults had access to at the time, not unlike ayahuasca. There is no single standard mixture for ayahuasca, from methods requiring B. caapi and hostilis to some with no DMT which contain viridis or other deleriants. So, how much and what should you use if you chose to ignore my warnings?

As for dosage, “The dose determines the poison” as Paracelsus once said. I'd take a page from the Saivist tantriks and assert that it's not to wise to consume heroic doses before a serious ritual. When alcohol is used, only a few mouthfuls. For LSD <80 mics, and so forth. There may be notable exceptions to this, when the drug becomes the ritual journey in and of itself. This is often the case with ayahuasca ceremonies and use of peyote.

I don't think certain high powered chemicals like DMT open us up to higher dimensionality in a spatial sense, though there's some evidence we become aware of patterns that may lie above or below or normal cognitive mode. DMT is an interesting compound, and I'd venture a guess that it could be used to attain K&C in a properly activated Dominus Liminus. Even “weak” drugs can be useful to some effect, as tobacco is often used as a sacrament among the Amerinds, especially the rustica variety which was potent enough to induce hallucinations (at ~40% nicotine content).

These lists are tables of correspondence for the Tree of Life in the Western/Hermetic tradition. The first posted is Crowley's. You'll notice variation between Crowlely and Skinner. I'd even be so bold as to throw a few more out there. I'd add amphetamines to Chokhmah. Substituted cathinones (Bath salts, so-called) should be placed at Gevurah. I'd place LSD and a fair number of the 2-C class around path 13 (Gimel, the priestess), as well as their place around the middle pillar. Finally, I'd place disociatives around Iesod and the Veil of Paroketh. These are from my own researches, both academic and practical.

Finally, resources:

Some additional and tangentially related info:



Had some 2-cb today. Excellent stuff. I'll read into Gimel soon enough

I've always been a fan of 2-CE. Something about highly immersive visual hallucinations paired with the lack of euphoria/retention of most cognitive functions is appealing to me.

K, do you or did you used to have a routine you'd go through before and after the consumption of hallucinogenics?
Can a LRP ritual prior act as a shield against a bad trip? How about an active meditation prior and then treating the trip itself as a passive experience? So, not entirely dissimilar to the chaos peoples, I guess… Fire (active) and then Forget (passive).

I usually have a non-occulty ritual similar to McKenna's “solemn self reflection while smoking way too much pot”. My the time you spend an hour or so in self reflection, you've gotten rid of most of the shit in your mind that may trigger a bad trip (probably why I've yet to have one).

That said there's a difference between ritual and recreational use, in some cases. If I'm going to do any ritual work along with the compound, I'll end up banishing anyway, so I don't do much before ingestion.

They've got datura on there for Tiphareth, I can't imagine doing any sort of ritual under the influence of that lol. I haven't done it myself but I have tripped on DPH and I couldn't even focus enough to play a video game let alone carry out a ritual.

Generally something like a high powered deliriant is going to be taken as a part of an initiatory or visionary experience, in which you're guided by someone more familiar with the territory to keep you safe.

For example, the Mayan Smoke Serpent ritual would often employ use of tobacco rustica and viridis or morning glory seeds. Viridis is a powerful fucking deliriant.

Do you notice a connection between substances like psilocybin, and the reaching of states like dhyana? If so, is there anything more worth saying about this?

Yes, particularly the compounds working on the 5-HT2a receptor (your tryptamines and other serotonergic compounds).

And no, there's not much really to add. It's a fairly obvious experience when it happens, though it may take highly unexpected or amusing forms.


Ego dissolution with your sexual partner is a spiritual bonding experience.

When you and the carpet are the only entities in perceptual existence, though, with varying degrees of dissolution into the concept, it can be amusing; laughing fits or just bemused reflection when you sober up.

Imo psychedelics are like a shortcut to some level of understanding of spirituality

I don't really think it's a shortcut, or all my atheist friends who pop drugs with me would be spiritualists of some kind.

but we miss a lot of the journey

Some of the time dilation aspects make the journey much longer and more detailed, especially something like the serotonergics or dissociatives.

How often do you indulge, K?

I try to take some form of psychedelic once a season; it's a guess on whether I do anything of a spiritual nature with it.

Any success or even attempts at bringing psychedelically catalyzed consciousness to the waking state?

I never really had any sort of persistent hallucinations, or brought anything back, but I've had a lot of revelations about various occult concepts when in a psychedelic state, and I had vision of the Angel at least once.

Do you know some recurring hallucinations that psychonauts get on psy's ? I saw the net of being during one of my trips, but I had already seen it before.

Oh yes, even shared hallucinations as well.

The squid thing on the other side of DMT has always been popular. And these assholes (picture omitted – Greys).

What substance would be best for evocation/black mirror scrying?

Anything, but in small doses. That's going to require concentration levels that a lot of drugs just won't allow at heroic doses (most of the time).

I'd suggest perhaps medium dosages of amphetamines, though.

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